CBS-Face the Nation



Have a passion for political journalism? Believe in holding public officials accountable? Apply to spend the summer in Washington, D.C. as a CBS News Face the Nation intern.

Interns are an important part of our team. The show is at its best when the interns strive to deeply research the political ideas coming out of Washington and thoughtfully analyze how these decisions affect Americans and others throughout the world. Interns are responsible for following the news of the day, helping to craft questions for Face the Nation newsmaker interviews, and assisting the Sunday live broadcast of our show.

As a full-time intern in D.C. from June to mid-August, you will work Wednesday through Sunday each week.  Previous journalism experience is appreciated but not necessary. A strong sense of curiosity, a love of politics, and a go-getter attitude is a must.

Applicants must be rising juniors or seniors.

2019 Intern Reflection

Working with CBS News, I am exposed every single day to the complexities of a twenty four hour news cycle. Working with the Face the Nation Team, I have learned what goes into producing a weekly show and how much thought and dedication goes into composing such a hallmark program. Working with the Face team, I am also in close proximity to the Washington bureau's political team. I sit on the same floor as most of the Washington correspondents, so I've been fortunate to learn what a day in the life of a reporter is, and have been able to tag along with the White House team to cover President Trump's departure to Milwaukee, WI. Overall, I have been exposed to a great deal of what goes into the news business and I look forward to exploring further journalistic opportunities.

Kevin Simauchi '21

2018 Intern Reflection

Interning CBS News with the “Face the Nation” program has been the best experience in TV news and journalism that I could have wished for. Working on the same floor as both the “Face the Nation” team and the CBS Washington bureau correspondents, I’ve gained an insightful look into both the rapid pace of the daily news cycle and the intense teamwork that goes into the production of our weekly Sunday show. My responsibilities have included preparing daily news reports for our production team and host, writing research briefs on the week’s most important stories to keep our team updated and informed, as well as sitting in on production meetings where we decide which stories to cover, and which political figures to bring on the show. I’ve also had the opportunity to write brief “write-ups” or summaries of the pre-taped interviews we occasionally record before the show, one of which has been published on the CBS News website.

Chad Borgman '20

Washington, D.C.