Brookings Institution (Co-sponsored with the Harvard Global Health Institute)

Please Note: This internship is co-sponsored. This means that the funding for this internship is provided by two institutions at Harvard. The Primary Affiliation is with HGHI, and the Secondary Affiliation is with the IOP. The primary institute will be the point of contact during the application and internship onboarding process, and applications for this placement will be processed by HGHI.

Please note to HGHI’s application instructions to ensure you meet all the requirements. The intern selected for this internship will have the benefits and obligations of an intern in both of programs.


The Brookings Institution is a highly regarded, nonprofit public policy organization based in Washington, DC. Our mission is to conduct in-depth research that leads to new ideas for solving societal problems at the local, national and global levels.

The Center for Health Policy is dedicated to providing practical solutions that achieve high-quality, innovative, and affordable health care throughout the United States. To achieve its mission, the Center conducts research, develops policy recommendations, and provides technical expertise to test and evaluate innovative health care strategies. Our main areas of focus include Medicare reform, the Affordable Care Act, prescription drug payment and innovation, and delivery system reform.

Interns within the Center for Health Policy (CHP) will gain exposure to a broad set of health policy topics while developing their analytical thinking and writing skills. They will get to engage directly with health policy experts and our CHP fellows.


Responsibilities: General research and writing

Interns will assist with short-term research and other projects, dependent on the health care environment at the time. Examples include research for policy memos, blog posts, or other CHP work products. In addition, interns might be expected to analyze data and create graphs for CHP papers, policy memos, presentations, and other items. Working with the CHP team, interns would help research potential topics and authors for future center work.

Long-term research: Working with the CHP team, interns would help research potential topics and authors for future CHP work.

Event Staffing: Interns may help prepare materials for events and work at various aspects of the event, such as registration.

Administrative: The applicant should be prepared to help with general office support, assist with special projects, and perform other duties as assigned


Applicants should be pursing a degree in health policy or in a related field like economics, statistics, public policy, biology, chemistry, public health, or mathematics and should have strong writing and analytical skills. Must be a rising junior or senior.

Knowledge in the U.S. health care system and the Affordable Care Act highly recommended. Applicants will be expected to be proficient using Microsoft Excel. Proficiency with STATA, or other statistical software, is preferred.


On a scale from 0 (very independent) to 10 (very supervised), this internship will be about a 7.

Work Environment:

Interns will have the opportunity to attend internal meetings, local think tank events, professional development workshops, and public Brookings events as well as participate on Brookings sports teams and network with other interns throughout the Institution. There may be one other intern within the Center for Health Policy.

Additional Requirements: Internship dates are from June 4-August 11, although we can allow some flexibility here. There is also a formal onboarding process. The final candidates will need to apply through the Brookings application system and then our HR team will need to call the references and conduct a background check for the selected intern


2018 Intern Reflection

Over the course of the summer I've gotten to work on many different projects in many different ways. I've been involved with editing grants, academic papers, and even an upcoming book. There's been a lot of background research to prepare our fellows for new research, public comments, or anything else they might need. The variety of the world has been matched by the variety of the topics. Health policy is such a diverse and dynamic field that I've gotten to work on projects dealing with all sorts of issues. I have really enjoyed all the new areas and skills I've gotten to explore.

Andres de Loera-Brust '20

Washington, D.C.