Brady Campaign and Center to Prevent Gun Violence


The Brady Campaign & Center to Prevent Gun Violence (Brady) plays a vital, leadership role in achieving changes in gun laws, policies, and practices in this country. Our mission is to significantly decrease the number of gun deaths and injuries in America, helping to lead a new path toward the safer nation for all Americans. We achieve this through three critical strategies: 1) affect policy change by bringing to bear the voice of the American public; 2) change social norms around the 300 million guns currently in circulation through public health and safety campaigns; and 3) take legal action to hold the gun industry accountable for dangerous and irresponsible practices.


Interns will have an opportunity to work within one of our teams; Policy, Organizing, Marketing & Communications, Development (fundraising), or Partnerships. Each department plays a key role in advancing the mission of Brady. Responsibilities may include; playing a key role assisting with aspects of federal and state policy activities, including the preparation of materials for legislative meetings; researching and tracking state and federal statutes, regulations and bills, working closely with activists from a wide variety of backgrounds, learning voter outreach strategies and how to implement them, learning how to spread messages across all media channels – digital and traditional – and gain exposure to media-monitoring, rapid response and media relations strategies, conducting research and analysis on prospective and existing individual, foundation and corporate partners, drafting and/or editing business development materials such as correspondence, reports, proposals and donor appeals.

This position, based in Washington, D.C., allows for a flexible schedule but does require an average of 35 hours per week.


  • Responsible, flexible, hard-working, ethical, committed to Brady’s mission
  • Possess a high level of organizational skills and be detail-oriented
  • Possess solid oral and written communications skills
  • Skilled at a variety of computer skills including Microsoft Office Suite
  • Desire to get involved in the political process, learn more about philanthropy and business development as well as the nonprofit and GVP sectors
  • Experience with databases is a plus, but not required
  • Passionate about preventing gun violence

Your statement of interest should include your start and end dates, and answer the question: “Why is reducing gun violence important to you?” If selected you will be placed in one of the following departments: Policy, Organizing, Marketing & Communications, Development (fundraising), Partnerships.

2018 Intern Reflection

I’ve really enjoyed my time interning at the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. For the first few weeks I was working on the Asking Saves Kids initiative, leading up to ASK Day, June 21st and since then my scope has increased to include more programs and events. I’ve had the opportunity to proofread legal documents, draft the script for a Public Service Announcement, create a one-pager for our new initiative (reverse ASK), fact check resources, create information for the website, draft social media posts, write weekly bulletins for donors, conduct research, look over materials for programs that need updates and make recommendations for the future, place articles in publications across the country, help with expense reports, help organize fundraising events, join meetings, and get to know the passionate and kind staff here. All three of my bosses make an effort to offer me lots of different types of tasks that feel substantial, rather than busywork. They regularly ask what I want to do and consistently allow me to take on projects that I propose. They are incredibly supportive without being overbearing. 

On an average day I could be drafting articles, sifting through archival materials, researching the law, interviewing advocates, and lobbying on the Hill. It’s the best kind of busy.

Audrey Thorne '19

Washington, D.C.
Advocacy / Grassroots, Think Tank / Research / Policy