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270 Strategies 


We named our firm “270” for the number of electoral votes required to win the White House. Our team includes key leadership from across the Obama and Clinton campaigns, and we constantly hustle to achieve presidential-level work.

In our first four years, we’ve partnered with nearly 300 campaigns, companies, and causes to develop engagement strategies that connect them to the people they care about in a meaningful way.

We’ve worked with established organizations to make them more efficient, and helped innovators build campaigns and companies from the ground up. We’re changing the way our clients put their ideas into action – and changing the world in the process.


Our Seasonal Associates work closely with 270 staff to learn everything that goes into winning campaigns - from best practices for engaging and empowering communities, to the integration of digital strategy in grassroots organizing, to effective communications, training, and the power of analytics.

Seasonal Associates will dedicate their time to one or more areas of focus at the firm, including but not limited to: grassroots & digital engagement, marketing & communications, digital advertising, design, data & analytics, and business operations.

This position will be based in Chicago, IL or Washington, DC. Applicants should be available to work 20-40 hours a week and must receive class credit or a stipend from their University for their time spent with 270 Strategies.


• Receive regular coaching and training from your manager

• Set personalized goals using our strategic planning framework

• Join our internal learning programs and meetings

• Meet with your Seasonal Associate cohort to share learnings and ideas


• Excellent interpersonal, writing, and organizational skills

• The ability to be detail-oriented, multitask, meet deadlines, and think critically and creatively

• The ability to work efficiently and learn quickly in a fast-paced environment

• A strong desire to learn and commitment to changing the world

Your statement of interest should include your desired location (DC or Chicago), start and end dates, and answer the question: “How will you help us do big things?”

In this answer, please indicate the department(s) you are interested in working with. Our departments include: grassroots & digital engagement, marketing & communications, digital advertising, design, data & analytics, and business operations.



2019 Intern Reflection:

This summer, I had the privilege of working at 270 Strategies, a political consulting firm focused on advancing progressive causes through grassroots engagement. 270 has proven to be the best internship experience I’ve had yet—the staff are welcoming, the work is mission-driven, and the culture is unparalleled. I cannot recommend others to intern and work for this firm enough. In joining 270, you truly join a family that will help you grow, learn, and evolve whether you’re interested in organizing, progressive politics, or just public service in general.

270 engages in a variety of types of work, but I spent my time specifically with the Data & Analytics department this summer. The data science team at 270 is small, but this gave me the opportunity to work on a number of different projects and understand the progressive data world from a high level. I had the opportunity to work on over a half dozen different clients, ranging from ed reform advocacy groups to poverty alleviation organizations. The work was stimulating and required me to learn new things constantly, allowing me to challenge myself throughout the internship. I received a remarkable amount of support from my supervisor and am so grateful for his advice and dedication to making my experience worthwhile.

I think what makes 270 Strategies so special is the collective mission and values of the firm. Founded after Obama’s transformational ‘08 and ‘12 campaigns, 270 is deeply committed to organizing for the sake of positive, progressive change. This manifests itself in every aspect of the company, from the types of clients they choose to work on, to the types of casual conversations that happen between employees over lunch. It is this culture that will make your experience at 270 standout and leave an indelible impact on you.

Wesley De Silvestro '21

2018 Intern Reflection:

Working at 270 Strategies has been an incredibly rewarding experience. The firm gives seasonal associates the opportunity to work on a variety of exciting projects for campaigns, nonprofits, and companies. Every project I've worked on has taught me something new, whether it's about an international human rights issue, a cutting-edge digital engagement tool, or a complex political system anywhere in the world. The staff is kind, open, funny, and committed to giving the interns a meaningful experience. The office environment in DC is as fun as it is fast-paced -- it's an open-concept space constantly filled with people laughing. Overall, in my time at 270 I've learned how to engage people and communities -- a skill that this firm applies to many separate spheres. My work here has been both meaningful and definitely useful for whatever I decide to do next.

Juliet Pesner '20

           2017 Intern Reflection: 

This summer I worked as a Seasonal Associate at 270 Strategies, a political consulting and grassroots engagement firm founded by Obama campaign veterans. 270 helps political campaigns, advocacy groups, and corporations achieve their goals; its previous clients include Planned Parenthood, Tesla, and Ready for Hillary. 
As a member of the Engagement Team, which focuses on grassroots/digital strategy and organizing, I assist clients with anything from drafting endorsement emails to vetting campaign surrogates. Generally I am assigned to 2-4 client teams at a time, which keeps my internship varied and exciting.

For my biggest project, I helped build a nationwide environmental advocacy campaign that targets vulnerable representatives in fourteen Congressional districts. I recruited, hired, and trained field organizers, as well as compiled district-level research to aid organizers with coalition-building. 270 is heavily invested in the personal development of their staff. Every week my manager and I would meet one-on-one to discuss my professional goals, and then he would intentionally select projects with those goals in mind.

I would recommend 270 to anyone who is interested in politics, but is concerned about routine, monotonous work at more traditional political organizations. Since clients and client-needs change regularly, no two weeks at 270 ever look the same. If the dynamic environment is not enough of an incentive, 270 has free snacks, office-wide lunches, and a variety of large bouncy yoga balls to replace your chair! Also, dress code is casual.

Catherine Zhang '19

Chicago, IL