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The Harvard Political Review (HPR) is a student run quarterly news-analysis journal published by the IOP. The magazine is written and run entirely by undergraduates, with opportunities to participate in all aspects of the publishing process.

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Cindy Jung
Starved By The Bell Thanks to the stricter nutritional guidelines in the 2010 Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, public schools have served fewer low-quality lunch tropes like nachos and greasy pizzas. But critics point out that students are not eating their healthier meals. Those opponents cite reports about soaring food waste and diminished revenues, attributing such costs to the unappetizing nature of the new largely plant-based, whole-grain rich meals. While the...Read more ยป
Marty Berger
Kieren Kresevic
Sam Kessler
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Victor Agbafe
Alice Hu
Matthew Disler
Priyanka Menon
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