Harvard Political Review

The Harvard Political Review is a quarterly, nonpartisan political journal and dynamic online platform produced entirely by undergraduates. We welcome all Harvard College students regardless of concentration, experience, or political leaning.

How can I get involved?

No matter your interest, find your campus home within the Harvard Political Review. We produce innovative online content almost daily, in addition to four print magazines per year, all created by undergraduates.

If you are interested in journalism, write for one (or more) of our five editorial sections: Campus, United States, World, Culture, and Interviews. Research topics you wish to learn more about, interview global leaders and experts, and publish your work for tens of thousands of online and print readers.

Our writers are just one subset of our phenomenal staff. If you are not interested in journalism, join our Publishing Board to work in Business, Design, Multimedia, or Technology. Build your professional skills resume, while pursuing your own creative projects!

No matter how you join our staff, you will be entering a community of peers dedicated to inspiring, challenging, and caring for one another in order to create the best publication on Harvard’s campus.

Chaired by: Russell Reed | rreed@college.harvard.edu