• "I didn’t know when I left [Harvard] that the way I would make myself useful was in local government. But I now have the job of a lifetime."

    - Pete Buttigieg, Mayor of South Bend, IN

  • “Why is it so important to have young people involved in politics and public policy? It’s because we are the largest generation in today’s workforce, it’s because we will be the plurality of voters in this upcoming presidential election... We need to ensure that millennials’ voices are part of the conversation.”

    - Elise Stefanik, U.S. Congresswoman (R-NY)
  • “Coming to the IOP every day and talking with my peers, you can tell people want to make a change. They don’t want the future of politics to look like it does now, they want it to be more effective, they want to help people, they want to help their communities.”

    - Niyat Mulugheta, Harvard 2016
  • "More than 10 years after my first foray into the IOP, I remain as inspired by politics and service as I was as a freshman. The IOP's ability to shift generations of young people towards politics represents the Institute's power and potential.”

    - Jay Lundy, Harvard 2009

Get Inspired

At the IOP, we are creating the future of politics- a future that is innovative, inclusive, diverse and bipartisan. Our mission is to create the future of politics and public service every day, inspiring undergraduates to lead lives of purpose by committing themselves to the practice of politics and governing, and to public service and the countless opportunities to serve at home and around the world.

From why young people are pursuing public service in larger numbers than ever before to the secrets of President Obama’s speechwriter, Get Inspired is here to capture the newest ideas from the frontlines of politics.