Panama Case: The Transformation of Public Life and Politics

Thursday, September 27, 2018 - 6:00pm

A Public Address by His Excellency
Juan Carlos Varela Rodriguez
President of Panama


President Juan Carlos Varela Rodriguez, President of Panama, addressed the forum on the importance of vibrant public life and consistent political leadership. President Rodriguez spoke about fighting drug trafficking from neighboring Columbia, strengthening political institutions, and bolstering democracy. On the topic of combating corruption, he stated that “justice become an injustice the moment it hurts the innocent,” and declared his commitment to standing up for justice worldwide. President Rodriguez closed his address by reflecting of his childhood. He remembered growing up in the U.S. and reading newspaper headlines about injustice in Panama, vowing that one day he would return and work for justice in his home. Thirty-eight years later, today, this dream has become President Rodriguez’s pursuit and he hopes to continue “working to contribute peace and social justice to the world” as President of Panama.