Nuclear Deterrence is Dead, Long Live Nuclear Deterrence

John Hyten
John Noonan
Wednesday, November 14, 2018 - 6:00pm

General John Hyten
USAF. Commander, United States Strategic Command

John Noonan
IOP Fall 2018 Resident Fellow
Senior Counselor for Military & Defense Affairs, National Security Advisor, Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR)
National Security Advisor, Presidential Campaigns of Governor Jeb Bush and Governor Mitt Romney

General John Hyten, the Commander of U.S. Strategic Command, joined John Noonan, a Fall 2018 Institute of Politics Resident Fellow, for a conversation on nuclear weapons policy. The discussion covered a wide range of topics including the relevance and importance of nuclear deterrence, nuclear arms treaties, the Russian doctrine of "Escalate to De-escalate", and the weaponization of space.