Inclusive Security: Standing Up To Violence

Wednesday, January 13, 2016 - 6:00pm01/13/2016 6:00pm 01/13/2016 6:00pm Inclusive Security: Standing Up To Violence

A Panel discussion featuring< >May Sabe Phyu< >Olga Bogomolets< >Suzan Aref Maroof< >Huda Shafig< >Lilia Aguilar

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War is on the rise. Violent extremists terrorize millions. Refugee numbers are at an all-time high. It’s time for a different approach to security -- one that draws on the talents of 100 percent of the population. Women from Colombia to Syria are preventing conflict, negotiating ceasefires, and helping their countries rebuild after war. When they have a seat at the peace table, the results are stronger and last longer.

The 17th annual forum in this “Inclusive Security” series, senior government and civil society leaders discussed how they are advancing peace and security in volatile areas around the world. Ambassador Swanee Hunt, Eleanor Roosevelt Lecturer in Public Policy, will moderate the discussion with experts from Iraq, Mexico, Myanmar, South Sudan, Sudan, and Ukraine.

Women and Public Policy Program, Carr Center for Human Rights Policy, Center for Public Leadership