Thomas Vilsack

Fall 2008

Thomas J. Vilsack is Of Counsel in the Dorsey Trial group.  His practice focuses on strategic counseling and advising clients in the fields of energy conservation, renewable energy and agribusiness development.  Vilsack served as the governor of Iowa from 1998 to 2006, the first Democrat elected to the position in 32 years.  As governor, Vilsack focused on improving education, particularly in early childhood, expanding health care to the uninsured, making the state a national leader in renewable energy and creating a nationally recognized efficient and accountable state government.  During two terms as governor, Vilsack established relationships among all levels of local, state and federal government, and worked closely with Iowa-based or national companies involved in Iowa commerce. 

Vilsack served as chair of the Democratic Governor's Association, the Midwest Governor's Association, the Governor's Ethanol Coalition, and the Governor's Biotech Partnership.  Vilsack also served on the Executive Committee of the National Governor's Association and chaired its Natural Resources Committee.  Vilsack kept his commitment to serve only two terms as governor, and ran as a candidate for the U.S Presidency until announcing his withdrawal from the race in February 2007. 

In addition to his distinguished public service career, including service as an Iowa state senator and mayor of Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, Vilsack is a highly regarded litigator.  He has more than 25 years of trial experience handling complex litigation and class actions with state-wide and national implications.  Vilsack is a Distinguished Fellow at Iowa State University Biosafety Institute. 

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