The Role of the Military in National Security Policy Formulation and Execution

Led by General Tom Hill – Tuesdays at 4:15 PM in L166

September 20

Introduction: My Life & Career

A look at Army life, its culture and values-based profession. Service in Viet Nam and the draftee Army. Early evolution of AVF and the beginnings of professional reform during the Cold War.

September 27

History of Military Reform, Post WWII

Creation of Department of Defense and Joint Chiefs of Staff. National Security Council beginnings and growth. Role of intelligence in policy making. History of 1986 Goldwater-Nichols Military Reform Act, the catalyst that built the military of today.

October 4

The Evolving Role of Combatant Commanders

Discussion of the Four-Star commanders who are responsible for the warfight in their respective geographical regions of the world. The role of the service chiefs and their responsibility to train and equip the force. The expanding role of Special Operations Command, a Four-Star commander responsible for planning and executing the on-going war against terrorists and insurgencies.

Guest speaker

Mary Margaret Graham - Former CIA's Associate Deputy Director for Operations for Counterintelligence. Former Deputy Director of National Intelligence for Collection.

October 11

Anatomy of Decision Making

Seminar will examine how policy is formulated and national security decisions are made. Specifically we will look at the roles of the Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff and Combatant Commanders in that process. Two examples will be highlighted: US involvement in Somalia and the lead up planning of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Guest Speaker

LTG (RET) Robert Clark - Operational planner for CENTCOM.

October 18

Diversity in the Military

A discussion of diversity in the military, focused on the role of women.

Guest Speaker
BG (ret) Rebecca Halstead – First Female Army West Point-Selected General Officer. Founder of STEADFAST Leadership, LLC and Author of "24/7: The First Person You Must Lead is You!".

October 25

National Security Space Programs: The Need for a New Paradigm

Session offers opportunity to examine an ongoing defense program, its interaction with policy makers and Congress.

Guest Speaker
MGEN (ret) Garry Schnelzer – USAF. Consultant to the U.S. Government on National Security Space and Missile Defense Programs. Former First Director for Sensors in the Strategic Defense Initiative Organization (SDIO).

November 1

A Conversation with Former Secretary of Defense Hagel

Guest Speaker
Chuck Hagel – Former Secretary of Defense

November 8

The Morality of War

WWII was easy, from a just war, morality perspective, but today and tomorrow are very different. Seminar will discuss drone warfare, preemptive war, and issues involving ongoing military operations against forces like ISIS.

Guest Speaker
LTG James M. Dubik – Professor at Georgetown University's Center for Strategic Studies and Senior Fellow at the Institute for the Study of War and the Institute of Land Warfare. Author of "Just War Reconsidered: Strategy, Ethics, and Theory".

November 15

Where is the Military Going? The All-Volunteer Force in 20 Years

Guest Speaker
Brigadier General Mark E. O'Neill – Former Deputy Commandant of the United States Army Command and General Staff College