Stefan Löfven

Fall 2022
Resident Fellow
Fall 2022 Resident Fellow Stefan Löfven

Stefan Löfven grew up as foster child in a working-class family in the small town in northern Sweden. He studied social work at university and worked as a welder for a manufacturer of railcars. In 1981 he began taking an active role in the Swedish Metalworkers’ Union, ultimately become the president 2006–2012.

In 1973 he started a local Swedish Social Democratic Youth League club. In 2012 he became leader of the party. In the parliamentary election in September 2014 Löfven and his party won, and is still the leading and largest party in Sweden. He stepped down as a Prime Minister in November 2021.

With his life story, Stefan Löfven personifies the social democratic vision of a society where everyone has an equal opportunity. The foster child who found the security of a foster family in a social democratic society, became a welder, a union leader, a party leader and a Prime Minister.

Today, Löfven is Chairman of the Board of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, SIPRI, as well as Chairman of the Board of the Olof Palme Memorial Fund. He is also a staunch supporter of the UN and multilateralism. In February he was appointed by António Guterres to lead UN High-Level Advisory Board on Effective Multilateralism. Peace, democracy and the fight against child labour is at the heart of Löfven.

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