Roger Simon

  • Spring 2005

ROGER SIMON is the Political Editor of /U.S. News & World Report/, a nationally syndicated columnist and a New York Times best-selling author. He has won more than three dozen first-place awards and is the only person to win twice the American Society of Newspaper Editors Distinguished Writing Award for Commentary. Also, he has twice won the National Headliner Award and his work has been included in the "Best Newspaper Writing in America " in three different years. He is the author of four books and has been on numerous television and radio programs including "Meet the Press," the "Today Show," "Lou Dobbs," "Good Morning America," "Larry King Live," and "Charlie Rose." Simon has covered every presidential campaign since 1976 as well as events ranging from wars in the mideast to the O.J. Simpson trial.

Simon was a staff columnist at The Baltimore Sun from 1984 to 1995 and first gained renown as an investigative reporter and columnist during his 12 years at the Chicago Sun-Times. In 1998, he became the White House Correspondent of the Chicago Tribune and covered the Monica Lewinsky scandal.