Robert B. Choate

  • Fall 1979, Spring 1980

Robert B. Choate is the President of the Council on Children, Media and Merchandising. In 1958, Mr. Choate began to work on compensatory education in the Southwestern United States. In 1963, from experiences with the President's Committee on Juvenile Delinquency, he came to Washington, D.C. to serve President Kennedy in a study of a domestic version of the Peace Corps, then called the national Service Corps. He was instrumental in the passage of the Emergency Food and Medical Services amendment to the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964 and the initiation of a nationwide study of malnutrition by the Department of Health, Education and Welfare. Since 1970, Mr. Choate has testified repeatedly before Congressional committees on nutrient content of the food supply and nutritional misinformation in food advertisements. In 1976, Mr. Choate was asked to serve on the National Advisory Food and Drug Committee of the FDA and to serve on a Visiting Committee to the Food and Nutrition Board. Mr. Choate was also asked to serve on a Task Panel of the President's Commission on Mental Health in 1977.