Ned Lamont

Spring 2007

Ned Lamont founded Lamont Digital Systems, in 1985 to provide telecommunication services to college campuses. The company serves over 150 campuses across the country with foreign language, distance learning and cable television services. Lamont, has also been active in public service as former Chairman of the State Advisory Board overseeing the $20 billion pension fund, a teacher in entrepreneurship to high school in Bridgeport, CT, and a policy member at The Brookings Institution. As a child, Lamont's family dinners were animated by political discussions, with lively exchanges between his grandfather, a banker, and his uncle, a Democratic activist. But the underlying theme was public service. In 2006 Lamont ran for the United States Senate against the incumbent Senator, Joe Lieberman. Lamont began as a long-shot candidate but he defeated Lieberman in the primary election. With strong support from anti-war activists Lamont's campaign influenced the discourse in the 2006 campaign cycle with his opposition to the War in Iraq. In the months running up to the election in November Lamont's senate campaign gained a lot of support, including the endorsement of The New York Times. Lieberman remained in the race as an Independent candidate and was victorious.


Disclaimer: This information is accurate for the time period that this person was affiliated with the Institute of Politics.