Meredith Bagby

  • Spring 2004

MEREDITH BAGBY is the author of six published works which include: We've Got Issues: A Young Adult Political Guide and The Annual Report of the USA -- a widely acclaimed book that analyzes the U.S. budget as though it were a financial statement for a large corporation and cuts to the heart of what citizens should know about our government. Ms. Bagby has been a board member of the political think tank, Third Millennium, for over six years and has testified from a youth perspective a half-dozen times before members of the U.S. Congress including the Senate Finance Committee, the Bipartisan Commission on Medicare, and most recently the President's Committee to Strengthen Social Security. Ms. Bagby worked as an on-camera reporter for CNN covering economic and political issues from a youth perspective. She is a graduate of Columbia Law School and Harvard College. She is currently a creative executive in feature development for DreamWorks SKG.