Mary Anne Sharkey

  • Fall 1995

Mary Anne Sharkey joined The Journal Herald in Dayton during college to work part-time as a night police reporter and on the re-write desk. She later became a full-time reporter at the newspaper. In late 1978, Ms. Sharkey became the Columbus bureau chief for The Journal Herald and later for the combined Dayton newspapers. She joined The Plain Dealer in 1983 and became the paper's bureau chief in 1985. Ms. Sharkey became the first woman elected president of the Ohio Legislative Correspondents Association and was a board member of the Ohio Press Club. Six years later, Ms. Sharkey moved to Cleveland as the deputy director of the editorial pages and within six months was promoted to the director's position. In 1992, she served as assistant managing editor for news and oversaw the city desk and two years later, became the politics editor for the newspaper. Ms. Sharkey is also a board member and treasurer of the International Women's Media Foundation, a group dedicated to helping women in the media around the world.