Martin Mackin

  • Spring 2003

Martin Mackin is General Secretary of Ireland's largest political party, Fianna Fail, with particular responsibility for election strategy and campaign planning. Most recently he was the chief strategist for the successful 'Yes to Nice' referendum campaign, which was the decisive vote to enlarge the European Union, and Fianna Fail's 2002 general election victory. He was appointed to the Irish Senate in May 2002. Prior to this position Mr. Mackin was head of Fianna Fail's European Office and press officer for the Fianna Fail parliamentary party. In addition, Mr. Mackin has served as Spokesperson/Head of Rebuttal General Election Campaign '97 and Head of Press, Presidential Election Campaign '97. Mr. Mackin has a BA in French and English from University College Dublin, and a Masters in European Social Policy Analysis from the National University of Ireland.