Maggie Williams

  • Spring 2005

MARGARET "MAGGIE" WILLIAMS most recently served as chief of staff to former president Bill Clinton managing both his foundation and his personal staff. Prior to joining the Clinton Foundation, Williams was president of Fenton Communications, a 37 person company specializing in delivering media and advertising services to nonprofit and advocacy organizations. From 1993-97, Williams served in the White House as one of seventeen assistants to President Clinton. During that period she also served as Chief of Staff to First Lady Hillary Clinton and was the first person to hold both positions concurrently.

In the course of a political and advocacy career spanning twenty-five years, Williams has held numerous positions including director of communications for the Children's Defense Fund, deputy director of media relations for the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, campaign press secretary for former senator Robert Torricelli, deputy press secretary of the Democratic National Committee and congressional aid to Morris Udall. Williams has also worked as a private communications and management consultant; her clients included Scholastic Publishing Corp., the Smithsonian Institution, Hill and Knowlton-France, the National Black Women's Health Project, the Waterkeeper Alliance, Arts France-USA, the Modern Language Association and the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation.