Junius W. Williams

  • Spring 1980

Junius W. Williams was the 1978-1979 President of the National Bar Association. Since his initial membership in 1971, Mr. Williams served as Assistant Regional Director, member of the Board of Directors, and Vice President. He has represented the N.B.A. at various White House and cabinet level policy briefings throughout his presidency. In May 1979, Mr. Williams was asked by the Organization of African Unity to present an analysis of the Rhodesian constitution to the Africa Group of the United Nations, an analysis unanimously adopted by the 39 member group and distributed throughout the world as an official document of the United Nations.

While still in law school, Mr. Williams founded the Newark Area Planning Association, a vehicle for community input in land planning decisions in the city. He became the Executive Director of the Newark Housing Council in 1969 and then served as mayor Kenneth Gibson's first campaign coordinator and later became Director of Community Development in the Newark Model Cities Program. Mr. Williams opened his own law office in 1973.