John Perry Barlow

  • Spring 1998

John Perry Barlow was a rancher and environmentalist in Wyoming for 17 years. Mr. Barlow is the co-founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. He also was a lyricist for The Grateful Dead. Mr. Barlow is a writer and lecturer on subjects relating to the virtualization of society and is a contributing editor of numerous publications. He is a recognized commentator on computer security, virtual reality, digitized intellectual property, and the social and legal conditions arising on the Internet. Mr. Barlow was the first person to use the term “Cyberspace” in its contemporary meaning. He wrote the widely distributed Declaration of Independence of Cyberspace, and is interested in the implications of the Net on the politics of both the immediate and long term future. In the politics of the physical world, Mr. Barlow was a former county chair of the Wyoming Republican Party and ran as a Republican candidate for State Senate and lost by one vote.