Joe Trippi

  • Fall 2004

JOE TRIPPI managed Governor Howard Dean's campaign for president and in the process "reinvented campaigning" according to The New Republic. Trippi pioneered the use of online technology to organize a large grassroots movement in presidential politics. Dean for America raised more money than any Democratic presidential primary campaign in history, all with donations averaging less than $100. The innovations that emerged from the campaign and championed by Trippi have brought fundamental change to the electoral system and will be the model for how all future political campaigns are run.

As a campaign manager, Trippi has run presidential, senate, gubernatorial and mayoral campaigns. In 1984 he was selected by Vice President Walter Mondale to mange Iowa's first-in-the-nation caucuses. In 1988 Trippi was the Deputy National Campaign Manger for Congressman Richard Gephardt's presidential campaign. Trippi began working in politics at the age of 17.