Jayanthi Natarajan

  • Fall 2001

Jayanthi Natarajan served as a member of India's Parliament from 1986-2001, and as Party Leader for the Tamil Maanila Congress Party from 1997-2001. She was on the Committee of Defence, Committee on Women's Empowerment, and served as the Minister of State for Civil Aviation, Coal, and Parliamentary Affairs. Ms. Natarajan has concentrated much of her public life on the issues of women's equality and human rights. She has campaigned across India for the passage of the Women's Reservation Bill and led serveraseveraltions to international conferences on Women's Issues. Ms. Natarajan is an attorney, who practices law in her State High Court and India's Supreme Court. She is a writer and commentator on the issues of women, education, population, and development on news shows and in several national daily newspapers, including the /Hindu/, the /Times of India/, and the /Hindustan Times/.