Fran Ulmer

  • Fall 2003

FRAN ULMER has spent 30 years in public service, most recently as Lt. Governor of Alaska (1994-2002). She has devoted her time to educating college and high school students about government and politics. A Woodrow Wilson Fellow, she spent time on college and high school campuses in Alaska and the "Lower 48", sharing her experiences in public policy development, economics, and the role of media and government. She also has initiated programs to register and involve young people in the voting process. One effort, "Let's Vote Alaska; New Voters for a New Millennium", was successful in achieving 48% increase in voter turnout among 18-24 year olds. She also created the Alaska Democracy Project to work with educators and community leaders to expand civics education in the school and civic engagement by youth in the community.

Fran has served as one of three US Representatives to the North Pacific Anadromous Fish Commission since 1994 and has been a member of advisory committees to both the Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Elections Commission. Fran began working in the Alaska state legislature as a legal counsel in 1973. She was elected mayor of Junea in 1983. From 1986-1994 she was a member of the State House of Representatives. In 1994 Fran became the first woman Lt. Governor in the history of Alaska. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin (political science and economics) and University of Wisconsin Law School, Fran is married and has two grown children.