David Wilhelm

  • Fall 1996

David Wilhelm is senior managing director of investment banking at EVEREN Securities, formerly Kemper Securities. Mr. Whilhelm joined Kemper Securities in 1994 from the Democratic National Committee, where he served as chairman since 1993. Previously, he had served as President Bill Clinton's campaign manager, with principal responsibility for the campaign's political and state operations. Mr. Wilhelm's brainchild, the famous Clinton-Gore bus tours, marked a return to people-based campaigning.

Mr. Wilhelm managed Richard Daley's campaigns for mayor of Chicago in 1989 and 1991 and was the director of Paul Simon's successful U.S. Senate bid in 1984. He also served as the Iowa campaign manager for Senator Joseph Biden's presidential campaign effort. In 1989, Mr. Wilhelm established The Strategy Group, a Chicago-based political and public policy consulting firm. During the years 1985 to 1986, he was executive director of Citizens for Tax Justice, a public interest organization fighting for fair taxation for middle and lower-income families. He also served as director of public policy for the AFL-CIO's public employee department during this same period.