Charles S. Robb

  • Spring 2002

Charles S. Robb's career has focused on military service, law and politics. He was Brigade Commander of all campus ROTC units in college and finished first in his class at Marine Officers Basic School. He later served as a Military Social Aide at the White House, commanded an infantry company in combat in Vietnam and headed the principle Marine officer-recruiting program. In law school, he was President of the Student Legal Forum founded by Robert Kennedy. Following a judicial clerkship on the 4th US Court of Appeals he practiced law with the firm headed by Edward Bennett Williams. Elected Lt. Governor of Virginia in 1977 and Governor in 1981, he chaired the Democratic Governors Association and the Southern Governors Association; and co-founded and chaired the Democratic Leadership Council. He was elected to the US Senate in 1988 with the largest vote total for any office in Virginia history and re-elected in 1994 over Ollie North in the most closely watched race in the nation. In the Senate he chaired the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and became the only senator ever to serve simultaneously on all three national security committees. He is a Distinguished Professor of Law and Public Policy at George Mason University and on the Board of the US Naval Academy. Senator Robb will lead a study group entitled /The Politics of Defending America./