Callie Crossley

  • Spring 2002

Callie Crossley is an experienced media personality whose portfolio includes commentary, consulting, and speaking; as well as the production and direction of television, film and radio programs. She was an Academy Award Nominee and Emmy Award Winner for the documentary feature, Bridge to Freedom, "Eyes on the Prize." Ms. Crossley was a producer for the ABC News Program "20/20" focusing on health issues; and for the primetime special "Black in White America." She was the senior producer for Blackside Productions' upcoming PBS series, "This Far By Faith: Stories from the African American Religious Experience." Ms. Crossley appears as a regular panelist on the weekly television "Beat the Press," a media criticism program airing on WGBH-TV. She is a graduate of Wellesley College and has served as a Nieman Fellow at Harvard University. Ms. Crossley will lead a study group on the media, perspectives and biases. Find out more about Ms. Crossley's study group.