Bella Abzug

Spring 1987
Visiting Fellow

Bella S. Abzug

A lawyer for more than thirty years, a member of the United States Congress for six years and a Presidential Advisor for two years, Bella S. Abzug was the first woman in history to run for the U.S. Senate from New York and the Mayor of New York City. In 1977, she was named by President Carter as presiding officer of the National Commission for the Observance of International Women's Year. Later, she served as Co-Chair of the President's National Advisory Committee for Women. Currently, Ms. Abzug is President of WOMEN USA, a new national activist group designed to reach out to grassroots women who want to identify with the women's movement goals of equality and economic justice, and secretary of WOMEN USA FUND, INC., which is one of the first women's groups founded to register, educate and get-out-the-vote among women.

Disclaimer: This information is accurate for the time period that this person was affiliated with the Institute of Politics.