Angus King Jr.

  • Fall 2004

Angus S. King, Jr. was born in Virginia but spent most of his adult years in the state of Maine. After early political experience as a legislative assistant to Senator William D. Hathaway, King entered private law practice in Brunswick, Maine.  In the 1980s King served as Vice President in Boston, Massachusetts and Portland, Maine. The company developed alternative energy (hydro and biomass) projects in New England. In 1989 King founded Northeast Energy Management, Inc. The company developed, installed, and operated large-scale electrical energy conservation projects at commercial and industrial facilities throughout south-central Maine.  King became Governor of Maine in 1995, a position he held until 2003. Elected as an independent in 1994 in his first run for public office, he was re- elected in 1998 by one of the largest margins in Maine history.

As Governor, King was responsible for a $2.5 billion budget and 13,000 employees. King lists among his major accomplishments as governor a total rebuild of the state’s mental health and corrections systems; major improvements in the state’s service capability, especially including on-line services; a substantial increase in the state's commitment to research and development; the largest increase of lands in conservation in the state’s history; and the nationally recognized program to provide a laptop computer to every seventh and eighth grade student in the state, regardless of location or family income, making Maine’s students among the most computer literate in the world.