Ada Deer

  • Fall 1977

Ada E. Deer is the Chairperson of the Menominee Restoration Committee. In addition to this role, the Menominee Tribe elected her as the Chairperson of Menominee Common Stock and Voting Trust (1971-1973) and Vice President and Washington Lobbyist, National Committee to Save the Menominee People and Forest, Inc. (1972-1973). Prior to her election by the Menominee Tribe, Ms. Deer served as the Acting Director of PRIDE: Program for Recognizing Individual Determination through Education at Wisconsin State University. She also served as the Community Services Coordinator at the U.S. Department of the Interior's Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Coordinator of Indian Affairs at the Training Center for Community Programs at the University of Minnesota. Ms. Deer is a on the National Board of Americans for Indian Opportunity, American Indian Scholarships, Inc., Common Cause and is one of five Native Americans on the 11-member American Indian Policy Review Commission.