Fall 2022 Resident Fellows

For over fifty years IOP Fellows have provided Harvard students with the opportunity to learn from prominent public servants, engage in civil discourse, and acquire a more holistic and pragmatic view of our political world. 

Fall 2022 Institute of Politics Resident Fellows include Raul Alvillar, Professor Gloria Browne-Marshall, Stephanie Carlton, Judith LeBlanc, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, Governor Matthew Mead, and Secretary Natalie Tennant.

Raul Alvillar Headshot

Raul Alvillar


A nationally respected political strategist and public affairs executive from New Mexico, Raul has worked deep inside government to forge a powerful skill set and nationwide network from the White House to grassroots organizations. Most recently, Raul served as the Biden/Harris 2020 Presidential Campaign State Director of New Mexico. He is also the former Political Director for the Democratic National Committee (DNC).


Raul’s study group will focus on the upcoming midterm elections and what this moment in politics means for our campaigns, policymaking, and democracy. 


Gloria Browne-Marshall Headshot

Professor Gloria J. Browne-Marshall


Gloria J. Browne-Marshall is a writer, social justice advocate, and full professor at John Jay College (CUNY), where she teaches classes in constitutional law, race and the law, and gender and justice. She is also a visiting professor of public policy at Harvard Kennedy School. Always the writer, Gloria has several stage plays to her credit as well as award-winning short films “Dreams of Emmett Till” and “SHOT: Caught a Soul.” Gloria is the author of “She Took Justice: The Black Woman, Law, and Power,” “The Voting Rights War” and “Race, Law, and American Society: 1607 to Present” among others.


Gloria’s study group will focus on the intersection of arts and activism and how art can and has been used in political movements.


Stephanie Carlton Headshot

Stephanie Carlton


Stephanie Carlton is a Partner based in McKinsey & Company’s Dallas Office with unique experience across three dimensions of U.S. healthcare - business, policy, and clinical. A registered nurse, she spent more than a decade in public service as senior Republican Professional Staff on the U.S. Senate Finance Committee focused on Medicaid reform, principal health advisor to former Florida Governor Jeb Bush’s 2016 Presidential campaign, and a health policy advisor to Senators John Cornyn (R-TX) and Tom Coburn (R-OK).


Stephanie’s study group will focus on inclusive debate to advance policy, based on her time as a senior staff member in the Senate. She will also hold discussions on the current dynamics in the Senate as a whole, as well as in the midterm elections.


Judith LeBlanc Headshot

Judith LeBlanc


Judith LeBlanc is a citizen of the Caddo Tribe of Oklahoma and Executive Director of the Native Organizers Alliance (NOA), a national Native training and organizing network. In the last 10 years, NOA has built relationships with tribes, traditional societies and grassroots community groups in Native communities and on reservations through Native community organizing training, strategic campaign planning and support.


Judith’s study group will focus on explore Native and indigenous organizing across the country and discuss the fight for indigenous rights.



Stefan Löfven Headshot

Prime Minister Stefan Löfven


Stefan Löfven served as Prime Minister of Sweden 2014–2021, the Leader of the Swedish Social Democratic Party 2012-2021, and President of the Metalworkers’ Union 2006-2012. He is currently Chairman of the Board of Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, SIPRI, as well as Co-Chair of the UN High-Level Advisory Board on Effective Multilateralism.


Prime Minister Löfven will lead a study group on international institutions and how they work, especially in this time of crisis in Europe and drawing from his current work for the United Nations.


Matthew Mead Headshot

Governor Matthew Mead


Matt Mead served as governor of Wyoming from 2011 to 2019. During his time in office, Mead focused on economic growth, a state energy strategy, consolidation of government services, supporting local government and enhancing infrastructure and creating additional access to high-speed broadband. Raised on the family ranch in Teton County, Mead also served as a county and federal prosecutor, practiced in a private firm, and served as United States Attorney for Wyoming from October 2001 to June 2007.


Governor Mead’s Study group will focus on governing in a rural state and his experience as a Republican Governor during this era in our country.



Natalie Tennant Headshot

Secretary Natalie Tennant


Natalie E. Tennant served eight years as West Virginia’s elected Secretary of State, earning the reputation as an innovative and visionary leader who was recognized nationally as a pioneer in elections administration, business development and financial accountability. Natalie consults for the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University School of Law, where she was also Manager of State Advocacy for Voting Rights and Elections.


Natalie’s study group will focus on election administration and the fight to keep elections free and fair in the United States.  



Fall 2022 Visiting Fellow

The Visiting Fellows Program brings distinguished veterans of public life for a short yet comprehensive stay at the Institute of Politics. Each fellowship is individually tailored to the background of the visiting fellow, as well as his or her calendar availability.

Bill de Blasio headshot

Bill de Blasio


Bill de Blasio served as the 109th mayor of New York City from 2014 to 2021. A member of the Democratic Party, he held the office of New York City Public Advocate from 2010 to 2013 and started his career as an elected official on the New York City Council, representing the 39th district in Brooklyn from 2002 to 2009. Prior to being an elected official, de Blasio served as the campaign manager for Hillary Rodham Clinton’s successful senatorial campaign of 2000 and got his start in NYC government working for Mayor David Dinkins.