Fall 2021 Fellows Application

The Institute of Politics (IOP) at the Harvard Kennedy School was established in 1966 as a living memorial to President Kennedy, with the mission to unite and engage students with academics, politicians, activists, and policy makers to inspire them to politics and public service. The IOP Fellows program offers a unique opportunity for practitioners, public servants, and organizers from all sides of the political spectrum to immerse themselves in the Harvard community for a full semester. Fellows engage with students by leading a study group, participating in IOP programming, holding office hours, and serving as a resource to Harvard students and faculty.

Our Fellows are selected through an application process that emphasizes genuine passion for mentoring students, an innovative concept for a study group to be conducted over the course of one semester, and commitment to being  engaged with the Harvard community for roughly ten weeks.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the health and safety of all members of the Harvard community remain Harvard University's top priority. As such, our Fellowship Program - typically in residence on campus - is remote for the Spring 2021 semester. Harvard College and the various graduate schools are currently formulating plans for instruction and residential life for the Fall 2021 semester, which will include the residential status of the IOP Fellowship. These plans will be announced in the coming months and shared with applicants when available. You can learn more about the University updates here.


Please include your most recent title, and other relevant career experiences. Responses ranging in length from 1-2 bullet points to 1 paragraph are acceptable.
Please list any degrees or certificates that you have earned.
100 words max.
The Fellows program offers a unique opportunity for practitioners to spend a full semester (roughly 10 weeks) engaging with Harvard students. Fellows are expected to participate in IOP traditions: immerse into the Harvard community; serve as an IOP ambassador to your own community; and participate in IOP programming. Additional core responsibilities of the Fellows program include: participate in Fellows Orientation to learn about the Harvard community, review logistical and programmatic details, and meet with IOP staff and student leaders; develop a study group curriculum to be explored over the course of four to six weeks and lead 60-minute non-credit study group sessions during the semester; hold weekly office hours with students; and oversee and mentor a small cohort of undergraduate student liaisons.
Previous Fellows have written books, continued engagements with TV news channels, maintained personal projects and additional professional commitments, or other small responsibilities that did not interfere with the substance of the Fellowship.
Please submit a draft proposal of your study group outline that includes a title, introductory paragraph of the central theme and four to six individual session descriptions. It may also be helpful to include a series of questions your study group seeks to answer. Additionally, please include a short list of four to six guests who could enhance these discussions throughout the semester. If you have any questions about uploading your proposal, please email IOP Fellows and Study Groups Coordinator Abbie James at abbie_james@hks.harvard.edu.
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