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The world has entered the digital age where human influence is not the only force generating creativity and growth. Artificial intelligence offers resources that expand beyond the human race, and has the potential to help governments, businesses, and communities enhance their capabilities. However, with these advancements also comes great challenges, such as protecting intellectual property and the privacy of personal data, as well as ensuring the security of essential networks and systems. How can the government help balance the pros and cons of artificial intelligence’s influence on society, and how will political realities impact the government’s capacity to regulate it?  

GUEST: Hamza Choudhry, Future of Life Institute, will join Resident Fellow, Congressman Jeff Denham, in-person for the April 2 session.

Hamza is focused on AI security and emerging technology policy in DC. He was previously an MPP and Gleitsman Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School, working on projects within this line of work with DHS, the United Nations, and the State Department. He has undergraduate and postgraduate degrees from the London School of Economics, and his writing on these issues has featured in Foreign Affairs, the Lancet, the UN, and the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists.

He currently works for the Future of Life Institute (FLI). FLI has been in the AI policy space for over a decade. It convened the first major conferences on AI governance in Puerto Rico and Asilomar. Members of the FLI team have testified in the Senate, participated in the UK AI Safety Summit, and provided expertise to offices across the Executive and Congressional branches. 

AUDIENCE: These conversations are open to members of the Harvard community. Please RSVP with a valid Harvard email address.

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