Religion and Politics: Election 2012 and Beyond


Associated Program:
John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum
Michael Cromartie
E.J. Dionne
Kim Lawton

With the guidance of moderator and IOP Fellow John Carr, panelists E.J. Dionne, Kim Lawton and Michael Cromartie addressed two classically controversial topics, religion and politics. The conversation analyzed the role of religion within the 2012 presidential campaign, utilizing their diversity in viewpoints as a catholic democrat, a nonpartisan reporter and an evangelical conservative. They hit upon all of the major trends, discussing the division and significance of the catholic vote, same-sex marriage, abortion, as well as the influence of the evangelicals, especially in response to a Mormon candidate. Audience questions elicited thoughtful responses on numerous controversial topics, such as the disconnect between church hierarchy and its congregation as well as the importance of preserving religious freedom.