Millennials and the Future of American Politics


Associated Program:
John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum
Eric Lesser
Lange Luntao
Svante Myrick
Ryan Quarles
Michelle Wu
Eloise Kaehny

Eloise Kaehny ‘19
Chair, Institute of Politics National Campaign
Eric Lesser '07 HLS '15
Member, Massachusetts State Senate
Lange Luntao ‘12
Member, Board Trustees for the Stockton Unified School District
Svante Myrick
Mayor of Ithaca, New York
2014 New Frontier Award Recipient
Ryan Quarles HGSE ‘09
Agriculture Commissioner of Kentucky
Michelle Wu ’07, HLS ‘12
City Councilor At-Large, Boston City Council
Mark D. Gearan ’78 (Moderator)
Director, Institute of Politics, Harvard Kennedy School

The Chair of the Institute of Politics National Campaign, Eloise Kaehny, member of the Massachusetts State Senate, Eric Lesser, member of the Board of Trustees for the Stockton Unified School District, Lange Luntao, Mayor of Ithaca, New York, Svante Myrick, Agriculture Commissioner of Kentucky, Ryan Quarles, and Boston City Councilor Michelle Wu joined Director of the Institute of Politics Mark Gearan in a discussion concerning millennial involvement in politics. The forum focused on what young people could do to get involved in politics and all of the guests shared their experiences as well as their path to politics. A common theme throughout the conversation was the importance of being involved, especially through voting.