The Legacy of Sam Huntington


Associated Program:
John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum
Eliot Cohen
Francis Fukuyama
Gideon Rose
Fareed Zakaria

Political pundits and professors commemorate the late political scientist Samuel P. Huntington. .A panel of Huntington’s former students including CNN host and Time Magazine editor Fareed R. Zakaria, Johns Hopkins Professor Eliot A. Cohen ’77, Political Economist Francis Fukuyama, and Foreign Affairs Managing Editor Gideon G. Rose discuss Huntington’s academic and personal legacy and his role as one of the most influential and controversial political academics of the last fifty years. Huntington's theory that war is the result of cultural clashes has implications for immigration that make it one of his most widely cited and contested ideas.The panelists shared an admiration for his personality, and also praised him as an academic and professor.