How We Win: Beating Extremism Abroad and in the US


Associated Program:
John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum
Farah Pandith
George Selim
Juliette Kayyem
Eric Rosenbach
Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs
The Future of Diplomacy Project

IOP Resident Fellow, S’14 and Belfer Fellow Farah Pandith, Anti-Defamation League George Selim, Harvard Kennedy School’s Eric Rosenbach, and Juliette Kayyem '91 consider how to combat domestic and international extremism.

Farah Pandith
Senior Fellow, Future of Diplomacy Project, Belfer Center, HKS
IOP Resident Fellow, S’14
Eric Rosenbach
Lecturer in Public Policy and Co-Director, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard Kennedy School
George Selim
Senior Vice President of Programs, Anti-Defamation League
Juliette Kayyem (Moderator)
Belfer Lecturer in International Security and Faculty Chair, Homeland Security Program, Harvard Kennedy School