Generational Equity & The National Debt


Associated Program:
John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum
Meredith Bagby
Nick Troiano
Linda Bilmes
Robert G. Romasco
Trey Grayson

Meredith Bagby, founder of the American Education Foundation, Linda Bimes, Senior Lecturer in Public Policy, Robert G. Romasco, President of the American Association of Retired Persons, Nick Troiano, co-founder of The Can Kicks Back, and Joan Woodward, President of the Travelers Institute joined Trey Greyson, Director of the Institute of Politics for a discussion on generational equity and the national debt.  The event featured a screening of the documentary “Overdraft,” sponsored by the Travelers Institute.  Issues such as intergenerational conflict and budgetary spending were addressed.  A clear emphasis was placed on in-depth understandings of what government spending is actually used for, and which areas have been least efficient over time.  The relevance of the US debt crisis for international relations was also a focal point in this discussion.