The Future of the Conservative Agenda


Associated Program:
John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum
Oren Cass
James Pethokoukis
April Ponnuru

A panel discussion with
Oren Cass
Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute
Domestic Policy Director, Mitt Romney Presidential Campaign 2012
James Pethokoukis
Columnist and Blogger, American Enterprise Institute
April Ponnuru
Senior Advisor, Conservative Reform Network
Kristen Soltis Anderson (moderator)
Co-Founder, Echelon Insights
Author, The Selfie Vote: Where Millennials Are Leading America
Institute of Politics Resident Fellow, 2014

Manhattan Institute Senior Fellow, Oren Cass, American Enterprise Institute columnist and blogger, James Pethokoukis, and Conservative Reform Network Senior Advisor, April Ponnuru joined Institute of Politics Fellow and Co-Founder of Echelon Insights, Kristen Soltis Anderson for a discussion on the future of the American conservative agenda. The speakers addressed topics ranging from the future of the Affordable Care Act and healthcare policy to the ability of the republicans to follow through on platform issues like tax cuts, to Donald Trump’s power over environmental regulations and the EPA.