Economics & Security in American Foreign Policy: Back to the Future?


Associated Program:
John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum
Robert Zoellick

Speaking on "Economics & Security in American Foreign Policy," Robert Zoellick, former President of the World Bank, took a broad historical perspective--from the Founding Fathers through the present day--in emphasizing that comprehensive view of national security must take into account a wide range of economic factors.  He stressed the challenges of integrating developed and developing countries in a globalized international system and the critical role of U.S. leadership. Reflecting on his time at the World Bank, Zoellick drew connections between development and an inclusive international economic system. Finally, Zoellick responded to questions from the audience, including on the role of the United States in the Eurozone debt crisis and the need for an emphasis on results in U.S. foreign aid. Harvard Kennedy School Dean David Ellwood moderated the event.