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Since World War II, the United States has existed as an international superpower and driving force of the world economy. U.S. politics, culture, and businesses all have a fundamental impact on the rest of the world. The United States participates in various international organizations, treaties, and other partnerships, and advancements in technology and communications have made the world a more connected place. 

How have the policies of Presidential administrations and Congress over the past decades when responding to world events affected or shifted the role and position of the United States in the world? Is the United States' level of influence over the rest of the world more substantial and wide-reaching today than in the past, or has our sphere of influence been diminished by certain policies? Additionally, how did the fall the Soviet Union, the shifting influence of U.S. allies in Europe and around the world, and the subsequent rise of China and Russia affect U.S. policies towards diplomacy and international relations?  

GUEST: Congressman Jimmy Panetta (D-CA) will join Resident Fellow, Congressman Jeff Denham, in-person for the February 12 session.

AUDIENCE: These conversations are open to members of the Harvard community. Please RSVP with a valid Harvard email address.

OFF-THE-RECORD: In keeping with our long tradition at the IOP to ensure honest and candid discussions of politics, all IOP study groups are off-the-record.


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