Break of Day in the Trenches. The 21st Century Battlefield and the Dissolution of Front Lines


Meeting Method:

One of the harsh lessons of the First World War was that technology had evolved so rapidly over the course of the industrial revolution, military leaders could not comprehend the terrible effects it would have on the battlefield. Today, political shifts have increased the likelihood of so-called Great Power War, with the President signing a new National Defense Strategy that focused America's military might on potential conflict with Russia and China. As the digital revolution mimics of the 21st century mimics the industrial revolution of the 19th century, what terrible effects could be felt in a warring world where technology has eradicated the traditional understanding of "front lines?" Colonel James Hickey, USA Ret., leader of the operation to capture Saddam Hussein and a senior adviser to the Senate Armed Services Committee, will speak to how a rapidly evolving battlefield could impact civilians and soldiers alike, as well as offer his personal insights as commanding officer during the Hussein capture mission.

Guest: Colonel James Hickey, U.S. Army Retired. Former Commander of 1st Brigade, 4th Infantry Division, and Senior Advisor to the Senate Armed Services Committee Majority.