Assessing the First Year of the Biden-Harris Administration


Associated Program:
John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum
Dan Balz
Abby Phillip
David Sanger
Kelly O'Donnell

As the Biden-Harris administration concludes its first year in office, events on multiple fronts challenge their agenda. While significant legislation was passed in 2021, many legislative priorities are either held up by a gridlocked Congress or have been blocked by a conservative majority on the Supreme Court. At the same moment, Biden is trying to avoid being drawn into a revived Cold War, with China moving aggressively as a military and technological competitor and Russia attempting to roll back the world order we thought had been created in Europe. On January 26 at 6:00 pm ET, the JFK Jr. Forum will convene four prominent journalists to provide perspective on the past year and discuss the domestic and international priorities of the administration.
Please join us as Dan Balz, Washington Post Chief Correspondent, and IOP Senior Fellow, Abby Phillip ‘10, Anchor and Senior Political Correspondent for CNN, David Sanger ‘82, White House and National Security Correspondent for the New York Times, and Kelly O’Donnell, Senior White House Correspondent for NBC News, analyze the first year of the Biden administration and discuss what lies ahead for 2022.

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