Events at the IOP

  1. Study Group with Tiffany Cross: Representation in Media

    Monday February 24 - 4:30pm



    Location: Institue of Politics (L-166) 

    Topic: Opinion vs. Fact

    Description: Opinion vs. Fact -- the two overlap a LOT in today’s media landscape. Does this inform or entertain or both? And what qualifies as opinion? What qualifies as fact? A big topic in the news has been racism. Is describing a person’s remarks as racist an opinion or a fact? We’ll discuss this among other things.

    IOP Resident Fellow Tiffany D. Cross has spent two decades navigating media and policy in the nation’s capital, and is the Co-Founder of The Beat DC, a platform intersecting national politics, policy, business, media, and all people of color.

  2. Study Group with Gov. Bill Walker: Bridging the Partisan Divide

    Monday February 24 - 4:30pm

    Location: Institute of Politics (L-163) 

    Topic: What systemic and structural issues prevent moderate, independent, and compromise voices from prevailing?

    Guest: Charlie Wheelan (Senior Lecturer and Policy Fellow, Rockefeller Center at Dartmouth College; former Correspondent, The Economist)

    Description: This week Governor Walker will be joined by Charlie Wheelan, Senior Lecturer at Dartmouth's Rockefeller Center for Public Policy and author of "The Centrist Manifesto." Together they will discuss plurality voting, gerrymandering, the influence of money on politics, the deterioration of social discourse, and the role of Independents in electoral politics, and more.

    IOP Resident Fellow Bill Walker is an attorney and businessman who served as the 11th governor of Alaska, from 2014 to 2018. He was only the second governor born in Alaska, and he was the only Independent governor in the nation during his term.


  3. James Comey

    Monday February 24 - 6:00pm

    A conversation with James Comey, former Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, on his career in law and public service moderated by Eric Rosenbach, Co-Director of the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard Kennedy School.

    ***This Event is Open to Harvard ID Holders***

  4. Study Group with Mark Harvey: Defending Democracy

    Tuesday February 25 - 4:30pm

    Location: Institute of Politics (L-163)

    Topic: How Much is Too Much? Establishing Red Lines and Responses for Foreign Influence in Campaigns

    Decription: Understanding our adversaries’ goals, how do we better anticipate disruptions and adapt our security strategy to counter them? The 2017 National Security Strategy states that, “no external threat can be allowed to shake our shared commitment to our values, undermine our system of government, or divide our Nation.” How do we bring this to life as we work with allies to warn our adversaries and take decisive action that disrupts malign influence? What conduct of candidates could invite foreign interference? Mark Harvey leads a discussion on when, where, and how to hold nations accountable.

    IOP Resident Fellow Mark P. Harvey is the former Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Resilience Policy on the National Security Council Staff, and over the past 15 years, has helped author a wide variety of plans, policies, and doctrine to foster resilience through effective risk management.

  5. Study Group with Rohini Kosoglu: Capitol Hill to the Campaign Trail

    Tuesday February 25 - 4:30pm

    Location: Institute of Politics (L-166)

    Topic: Policy: Capitol Hill vs. Campaign Trail

    Description: What is the policy development process? How does one develop a policy platform for a candidate? Economy, health care, environment, etc. Should you focus on proposals that are pragmatic or ones that are sweeping? How does an issue from Capitol Hill make its way to be the center of the campaign trail? We will look at all of these questions and do a case study looking at health care focusing on the Affordable Care Act to the current debate over a Public Option vs. Medicare for All.

    IOP Resident Fellow Rohini Kosoglu is a senior advisor to U.S. Senator Kamala D. Harris, having most recently served as Chief of Staff to her presidential campaign, Kamala Harris for the People.



  6. Pizza and Politics: Discovering Diversity in Hallowed Halls

    Tuesday February 25 - 5:00pm

    Join the conversation about the Harvard Portraiture Project, an effort started by the Harvard Foundation to add diverse faces to the halls of Harvard, with the artist Steve Coit AB '71, MBA '77. 

    RSVP here.


  7. IOP Special Event: A Student Q & A with Ambassador Samantha Power and Dan Pfeiffer

    Tuesday February 25 - 5:00pm

    Ambassador Samantha Power, 28th U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations; Anna Lindh Professor of the Practice of Global Leadership and Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School and William D. Zabel ’61 Professor of Practice in Human Rights, Harvard Law School 

    Dan Pfeiffer
    Author, Un-Trumping America: A Plan to Make America a Democracy Again; Co-host of the podcast, Pod Save America; former Senior Advisor President Barack Obama for Strategy and Communications

    Tuesday, February 25, 2020
    5:00 p.m.
    Wexner Commons, Harvard Kennedy School

    Harvard I.D. required

  8. Racism in Urban Housing Policy

    Tuesday February 25 - 6:00pm

    A discussion of the history and continuing challenges of racism in urban housing policy with Professor Lizabeth Cohen, Howard Mumford Jones Professor of American Studies, Harvard University; Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, Princeton University Department of African American Studies; and David Williams, Policy Director, Opportunity Insights. The conversation will be moderated by Professor Khalil Gibran Muhammad, Professor of History, Race, and Public Policy at Harvard Kennedy School.

  9. South Carolina Debate Watch Event

    Tuesday February 25 - 8:00pm

    Join us in the JFK Jr. Forum for a live screening of the final Democratic Debate before the South Carolina primary. Watch the candidates live from the Gaillard Center in Charleston, SC. 

  10. Study Group with Lord Darroch: Diplomacy in the Age of Populism

    Wednesday February 26 - 4:30pm

    Location: Institute of Politics (L-166) 

    Topic: The Break-Up of Yugoslavia

    Description: This week's study group will cover the break-up of Yugoslavia as a case study on the impact and consequences of populism and nationalism.

    IOP Resident Fellow Lord Darroch's diplomatic career spans over 40 years, primarily focusing on national security issues and European policy while serving as the British Ambassador to the United States (2016-2019), National Security Adviser to Prime Minister David Cameron (2012-2015), Permanent Representative to the European Union (2007-2011), and EU Adviser to Prime Minister Tony Blair (2004-2007).

  11. Study Group with Tara Setmayer: Principle vs. Party

    Wednesday February 26 - 4:30pm

    Location: Institute of Politics (L-163)

    Title: The Audacity of Ignorance

    Guest: Tom Nichols (Professor of National Security Affairs, U.S. Naval War College; Author of "The Death of Expertise")

    Description: Why do so many Americans reject factual information and vilify the experts who provide it? What happens when the electorate can no longer agree on what is fact vs fiction? How does this impact voter behavior?

    IOP Resident Fellow Tara Setmayer is a CNN Political Commentator, ABC News Political Contributor and former GOP communications director on Capitol Hill.

  12. A Conversation with Tarana Burke

    Wednesday February 26 - 6:00pm

    The 2019 Gleitsman Activist Award recipient Tarana Burke, founder of the ‘me too.’ movement,  will join Ambassador Wendy Sherman, Director of the Center for Public Leadership, in a conversation on the impact of her global fight for survivor justice and her decades-long campaign to heal individuals and communities affected by sexual violence.