Events at the IOP

  1. The Majority Makers

    Tuesday February 19 - 4:30pm

    Aisha Moodie-Mills' second study group of the semester is all about getting to know the Majority Makers, including her guest: Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley (MA-7).

  2. How and Where to Start in A Career in Public Service & Politics

    Tuesday February 19 - 4:30pm

    Rep. Barbara Comstock's second study group of the semester centers on something important: how to get started. Whether it’s working on a campaign or working in an elected official’s office, the best experience and the best staff work their way from the ground up.  Studying policy and politics is obviously a way to start but getting “in the arena” is where you can impact policy and elections.  We will talk to two of my campaign managers, one who also served as my Chief of Staff, about how they entered politics and how they staffed, managed, and organized campaigns and offices and the challenges they faced.  They will also discuss the various positions available and the opportunities to work on issues they care about and how they developed relationships on shared missions that assisted with the policy issues they worked on and legislation passed and coalitions they developed to pass that legislation.        

    Guest: Sean Harrison, former Campaign Manager and current DoD Lead, Google.

  3. Free Speech, Open Minds and the Pursuit of Truth

    Tuesday February 19 - 6:00pm

    A conversation with
    Cornel West
    Professor of the Practice of Public Philosophy, Harvard University
    Professor Emeritus, Princeton University
    Robert George
    McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence and Director, James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions, Princeton University.


  4. Broken Congress: Causes & Reforms

    Wednesday February 20 - 4:30pm

    Rep. Carlos Curbelo's study group.

    What are the developments and factors that altered the old political order and brought us to this point? Join Congressman Curbelo for a discussion on the current state of Congress!

  5. Congressional Oversight

    Wednesday February 20 - 4:30pm

    Michael Zeldin's study group examines the role of Congress in investigations -- from Watergate to Whitewater to the Mueller investigation? When does Congress decide to hold public vs. closed-door hearings? How does Congress manage and coordinate competing oversight: House vs. Senate; Congressional Committees (Judiciary, Intelligence, Foreign Affairs); the political landscape (Democrats vs. Republicans); the search for the truth?

    Guest: Congressman Eric Swalwell, D-CA 15th District (Member, House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees)

  6. Study Group with Amb. Cathy Russell: Using American Soft Power to Support Women and Girls

    Thursday February 21 - 4:30pm

    Amb. Cathy Russell's study group examines America's use of soft power to support women and girls. Wise diplomats know that American power includes the ability to persuade others to follow our lead. The United States conveys and highlights our culture and values through a wide range of public diplomacy and exchange programs administered by the Department of State. In 2017, OMB Director Mulvaney announced a “hard power budget” which proposed dramatic cuts in the State Department and USAID budgets. What is the value of soft power in promoting and supporting women’s rights? What programs have been most effective in conveying the important values of equality and opportunity? 

    Guest: Evan Ryan, Assistant Secretary of State of Cultural, Educational Affairs in the Obama Administration and now Executive Vice President at Axios.

  7. Pizza & Politics- Welsh Politics, Brexit and What's Next for Wales?

    Thursday February 21 - 5:00pm

    Adam Price, AM, Leader of Plaid Cymru

    Adam Price was elected to the National Assembly for Wales in 2016 as the Plaid Cymru Assembly Member for Carmarthen East and Dinefwr.

    Adam Price is also a former Member of Parliament, having represented his home county of Carmarthenshire in Westminster between 2001 and 2010. A voracious opponent of the Iraq War, Adam led an attempt to impeach Tony Blair and was ejected from the Common’s chamber in March 2005 for refusing to retract his statement accusing Blair of misleading parliament.

    Outside politics, Adam has an MPA from Harvard Kennedy School and has worked in academia and business.

    Upon his election to the Assembly two years ago, Adam has led for Plaid on the economy and has served as the Assembly Commissioner responsible for Official Languages. As one of the Senedd’s first openly gay politicians, Adam has spoken out on LGBT issues and has been named in the Wales Online/Western Mail ‘Pinc List’ of the 40 most influential LGBT people in Wales on several occasions.

    Adam Price became the Leader of Plaid Cymru in September 2018. Upon taking office, he has re-emphasised the party’s commitment to Welsh independence.


  8. Race, Media and Politics

    Friday February 22 - 4:00pm

    A conversation with
    Don Lemon
    Anchor, CNN's Tonight with Don Lemon

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