Events at the IOP

  1. Study Group with Deesha Dyer: The People's House

    Monday October 21 - 4:30pm

    Week 6: The People's House

    From the very beginning of the presidency, the Obamas set out to make the White House an accessible, transparent, inclusive space where everyone felt welcomed. This was a foundation of everything planned in those eight years. This session will focus on White House functions and the thought process and strategy behind making 1600 Pennsylvania “The People’s House.” From the guest representation, to the menu, décor, and, of course, entertainment, we’ll take a look at what makes a successful event and what happens when the events do -- or do not -- come together.

    Location: Institute of Politics (L-166)

  2. Study Group with Bob Cohn: Truth, Fact, and Opinion: Journalism in an Era of "Fake News"

    Monday October 21 - 4:30pm

    ​Week 6: Truth, Fact, and Opinion: Journalism in an Era of "Fake News"

    Join Bob Cohn for a conversation with James Bennet, who oversees the Opinion department at the Times. The former editor in chief of The Atlantic and a onetime correspondent for the Times, Bennet is known as a gifted writer and rigorous editor who can lead institutions through times of great change. They'll talk about the distinction between news and opinion, the challenges and opportunities of digital platforms, and the role of the press in this moment of national fracture.

    Guest: James Bennet (Editorial Page Editor, The New York Times)

    Location: Institute of Politics (L-163)

  3. Study Group with Alice Stewart: It's All About the Data: Never Underestimate The Power of Numbers

    Tuesday October 22 - 4:30pm

    Week 6: It's All About the Data: Never Underestimate The Power of Numbers​

    Data mining is a big business and a big influence on political campaigns. Digital information can dictate where candidates go, where to spend, and how to message. Alice Stewart dives into the digital world with former Ted Cruz for President Analytics Director and CEO of WPA Intel Chris Wilson to discuss the value of data and analytics in a campaign.

    Guest: Chris Wilson (CEO, WPA Intelligence and former Analytics Director, Ted Cruz for President)

    Location: Institute of Politics (L-163)

  4. Study Group with LaTosha Brown: Organizing Around a New Narrative: Strategies for Shifting the Narrative and Building Political Power through Storytelling and Strategic Messaging *Harvard ID Required*

    Tuesday October 22 - 4:30pm

    ***Harvard ID Required***

    Week 6: Organizing Around a New Narrative: Strategies for Shifting the Narrative and Building Political Power through Storytelling and Strategic Messaging

    We are currently in an era where people are receiving information and developing political ideologies through non-vetted social media outlets, political soundbites, and opinion based news networks. Trump and white nationalist groups have effectively built a base of supporters by propagating false information, making up sensational conspiracies and theories based in fear and not fact. How are the progressives and conservatives using narrative as an organizing tool for building a populist movement? What are the distinctions and similarities? Through my organizing work with Black Voters Matter Fund I will share several effective strategies around shifting the narrative of voters in the South and Black voters that have proven to be both effective and transformative.

    Guest: Tarana Burke (Founder, Me Too Movement and Civil Rights Activist)

  5. Study Group with H.E. Isabel Saint Malo de Alvarado: The U.S. and Latin America

    Wednesday October 23 - 4:30pm

    Week 6: The U.S. and Latin America

    We live in a constant changing, very connected, global scenario. Foreign Policy decisions must be based on: i. national interests and priorities; ii. other country ́s priorities and interest and how they affect our own, iii. the common interest. Through the proposed agenda we will attempt to address how national, regional and global scenarios shape our decisions as public authorities, while we seek to promote a better understanding of the choices that public servants are faced with. Our agenda will address personal experience, the global scenario and the Latin American scenario with an emphasis on Panama.

    Guest: Susan Segal (President and CEO, Council of the Americas)

    Location: Institute of Politics (L-163)

  6. Study Group with Jeff Flake: Will Conservatism Survive Donald Trump?

    Wednesday October 23 - 4:30pm

    Week 6: Will Conservatism Survive Donald Trump?

    There has been no more consistent voice and no more compelling defender of traditional conservatism than George Will. The Wall Street Journal has referred to Will as “Perhaps the most powerful journalist in America.” George Will left the Republican Party after the nomination of the current President. Will’s most recent book, The Conservative Sensibility, will provide the perfect backdrop as we discuss whether or not conservatism will survive the presidency of Donald Trump.

    Guest: George Will (Author, "The Conservative Sensibility" and Columnist, The Washington Post)

    Location: Wexner 332, Harvard Kennedy School

  7. What Does Conservatism Mean Today?

    Wednesday October 23 - 6:00pm

    A discussion with leading conservative thought leaders with Harvard Kennedy Schools’ Arthur Brooks, former Arizona Senator Jeff Flake, political commentator George F. Will moderated by IOP Fall Resident Fellow Alice Stewart.

  8. Rules for Principles and Principles for Rules: Making Sense of Financial Regulation

    Thursday October 24 - 6:00pm

    The annual Robert Glauber Lecture with U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission Chairman and CEO, Heath Tarbert on financial regulation.

  9. Mobilization 101: A Technology and Democracy Workshop with When We All Vote’s Laura Miller

    Thursday October 24 - 6:00pm

    Join the Ash Center, Institute of Politics, and Harvard Votes Challenge for a workshop hosted by Laura Miller, Mobilization Director at When We All Vote and 2019-20 Technology and Democracy Fellow at the Ash Center. Laura's experience working on digital campaign from the Obama White House to March for Our Lives will inform this unique training on how to create a mobilization strategy that inspires people from all walks of life to engage in a democracy.

    Location: Institute of Politics (L-166), Harvard Kennedy School