Events at the IOP

  1. The Role of Religion in the 2012 Campaign

    Wednesday September 26 - 4:00pm
    “The Role of Religion in the 2012 Campaign”led by IOP Fellow John Carr
  2. Political Disruption: Where It's Coming From & Why We Need It.

    Wednesday September 26 - 4:00pm
    “Where’s the Revolution? Why is there deep dissatisfaction with political system”
  3. Politics as a Noble Pursuit

    Tuesday September 25 - 4:00pm
    “Politics as a Noble Pursuit”led by IOP Fellow Jim Doyle
  4. It’s the Economy Stupid

    Tuesday September 25 - 4:00pm
    “It’s the Economy Stupid: How economic trends are driving the shape of Democratic and Republican campaigns and affecting voters views”
  5. (Re)designing Europe

    Monday September 24 - 4:00pm
    “(Re)designing Europe” led by IOP Visting Fellow George PapandreouRoom: L166