Events at the IOP

  1. Desserts and Dialogue with Rachel Atcheson

    Monday November 7 - 2:00pm

    Please join us for a Desserts and Dialogue on Monday, November 7, at 2:00 PM ET featuring Rachel Atcheson. Rachel Atcheson currently serves as senior assistant to Mayor of NYC Eric Adams, as well as at-large director of the SUNY Downstate Committee on Plant-Based Health and Nutrition. She previously served as Mayor Adams’s deputy strategist focusing on plant-forward food policy in the city. She contributed to the establishment of Meatless Mondays in NYC public schools, the launch of the plant-based lifestyle medicine programs in NYC Health+Hospitals, and other public health and sustainability initiatives around plant-based nutrition. ​

    The event will take place in the Institute of Politics at Harvard Kennedy School in L-275. A dessert buffet, including vegan options, will be served!

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  2. Pizza and Politics with President of AmeriCorps Michael D. Smith

    Friday November 4 - 1:00pm

    Please join us for a Pizza and Politics on Friday, November 4, at 1:00 PM ET featuring Michael D. Smith, the CEO of AmeriCorps. This event will take place in the Institute of Politics at Harvard Kennedy School in Littauer 166. Pizza and salad will be served! Michael D. Smith is the eighth CEO of AmeriCorps, the federal agency for service and volunteerism.

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  3. Pizza & Politics with Nsé Ufot, IOP Spring 2021 Fellow & CEO of the New Georgia Project

    Wednesday March 9 - 12:30pm

    Please join us for a Pizza and Politics next Wednesday March 9, 2022, at 12:30 PM ET featuring Nsé Ufot, IOP Spring 2021 Fellow and CEO of the New Georgia Project.

    Nsé Ufot is the chief executive officer of the New Georgia Project (NGP) and its affiliate, New Georgia Project Action Fund (NGP AF). Nsé leads both organizations with a data-informed approach and a commitment to developing tools that leverage technology with the goal of making it easier for every voter to engage in every election. Nsé and her team are also developing Georgia’s home-grown talent by training and organizing local activists across the state. She has dedicated her life and career to working on civil, human and workers’ rights issues and leads two organizations whose complementary aim is to strengthen Georgia’s democracy.

    The event will take place in the first floor conference room (HKS-Littauer 166) at the Institute of Politics. Pizza will be served!

    Space is limited and will be allocated by lottery.

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  4. How Did We Get Here? The Deterioration of Immigration Policy and Prospects for Progress: A Pizza and Politics Discussion with Doris Meissner

    Thursday October 7 - 5:00pm

    The Biden Administration is grappling with immigration policy challenges at the border that have permeated American politics for decades. The Harvard Political Union and Citizenship Tutoring are hosting Doris Meissner, Commissioner, US Immigration and Naturalization Service (1993-2000), to speak on those challenges and potential pathways forward to improving policy.

    This is an in-person event being held on campus, please RSVP here.

    This event is being co-sponsored by Fuerza Latina.

  5. Virtual Pizza & Politics: German MP Lars Klingbeil: The Future of The US-German Relationship

    Monday April 19 - 1:30pm

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    Join the Harvard Political Union in the next Pizza and Politics discussion with Lars Klingbeil, Member of the Bundestag, the German Federal Parliament. He will be discussing German elections, US/European relations and Germany’s perception of the United States post Trump.  

  6. Pizza and Politics with Elahe Izadi

    Thursday April 1 - 5:00pm

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    Join the HPU for a conversation on QAnon with Elahe Izadi, Staff Writer at the Washington Post. Those intending to join the conversation are encouraged to read Elahe's recently published article: The QAnon problem facing local journalism this election season - The Washington Post

    We often hear about the impact of QAnon on our national politics. But at a time when QAnon seems as prevalent -- and mysterious -- as ever, how does the far-reaching ideology affect the communities in which we live? Join our conversation with Elahe Izadi to learn more about QAnon's impact on local communities, how the media explains the ideology to us, and what we might expect going forward.

  7. Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell, and the Rest: Power Dynamics on the Hill (And How the Media Covers Them)

    Thursday March 11 - 6:00pm

    Between the Republicans and Democrats, the House and the Senate, and a myriad of other offices and departments that make up the federal government, the power dynamics in Washington are ever-shifting and nothing if not predictable. Join the Harvard Political Union in a discussion with Andrew Taylor, National Staff Writer, Associated Press, on how these power dynamics impact our government, polarization, and how the media covers it all.

    Click here to read Andrew Taylor's coverage of the 1/6 capitol insurrection.

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  8. Machine Gun Politics: Why politicians Cooperate with Criminal Groups

    Wednesday March 10 - 12:00pm

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    Why do politicians cooperate peacefully with organized criminal groups? Interactions between organized criminal groups and politicians are often either depicted as coercive or where the politician is a member
    of the criminal group. Using mixed-methods research on Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, this project shows that there is a third explanation for cooperation: politicians willingly engage with organized criminal groups
    at arms-length when it is in their electoral interest to seek out these arrangements and when they have a low chance of being caught.

    Presented by Jessie Bullock, PhD Candidate in Government, Harvard University

    Discussants: Professor Ignacio Cano, Professor of Sociology, Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro;
    Professor Ben Lessing, Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Chicago
    Moderated by Professor Frances Hagopian, Jorge Paulo Lemann Senior Lecturer on Government, Harvard University

    Presented in collaboration with the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies and the Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation.


  9. Pizza and Politics with Charles Ramsey, former Chief of Police of Washington D.C. and Philadelphia

    Wednesday February 10 - 12:00pm

    Join HPU for a lunchtime conversation on the state of policing in America, recent events in D.C., and the options for improvement and reform.

    Speaker: Charles Ramsey, former Chief of Police in Washington D.C. and Philadelphia; co-chair of the President's Task Force on 21st Century Policing (2014-2015)

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  10. The State of Democracy: Where Do We Go From Here?

    Monday February 1 - 5:30pm

    The Harvard Political Union Presents: Where Do We Go From Here?
    Democracy Fortnight Finale

    Monday, February 1, 5:30pm

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    Caroline Tervo ’18, Research Coordinator, Harvard University Department of Government; contributor, “Upending American Politics” (2020)

    Daniel Ziblatt, Ph.D., Eaton Professor of Government, Harvard University; Director, Transformations of Democracy group, WZB Berlin Social Science Center; co-author, “How Democracies Die” (2018)

  11. The State of Democracy: Impressions from Across the Pond- A Conversation with Members of Parliament

    Wednesday January 27 - 1:00pm

    The Harvard Political Union Presents: Impressions from Across the Pond
    A Conversation with Members of Parliament

    Wednesday, January 27, 1pm

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    The Lord Fox (Liberal Democrat), Liberal Democrat Lords Spokesperson for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

    Stephen Hammond, MP (Conservative), former Transport, Local Government and Health Minister.

    Alan Mak, MP (Conservative), Vice Chairman of the Conservative Party and Co-Chairman of the Conservative Party Policy Board; Founder & Chairman, All-Party Parliamentary Group on the Fourth Industrial Revolution;

    The Rt. Hon. the Baroness Jay of Paddington (Labour politician, former Minister of State for Health)