Events at the IOP

  1. Luncheon with Mayor Mitch Landrieu of New Orleans

    Wednesday March 13 - 12:00pm

    Join IOP Visiting Fellow Mayor Mitch Landrieu of New Orleans for lunch and discussion about mayoral leadership, the 2020 election, and how to bring change to your own community.

  2. A Conversation with Jack Lew, former US Treasury Secretary (2013-2017)

    Monday March 4 - 3:30pm

    Join us for a conversation with Jack Lew, the 76th Secretary of the Treasury from 2013 to 2017. Lew also served as White House Chief of Staff to President Barack Obama and Director of the Office of Management and Budget in both the Obama and Clinton Administrations.

  3. Politics & Pancakes: HKS Open House with Resident Fellows

    Thursday February 7 - 9:00am

    Join our Spring 2019 Resident Fellows for a breakfast Open House for the Kennedy School community.  We'll be serving up hot cakes to go with your hot takes. Syrup included. 

  4. Hi! I'm Running for Office Info Session

    Wednesday January 30 - 5:00pm

    Hi! I'm Running for Office convenes graduate students from Harvard Kennedy School and undergraduates from Harvard College for 8 sessions focused on running for office and governing. 

  5. Policing and Community in 21st Century Cities

    Thursday December 6 - 2:30pm

    Join us for a conversation on policing and communities featuring Gary, Indian Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson, former Philadelphia Mayor and IOP Visiting Fellow Michael Nutter, and Fall 2018 IOP Resident Fellow Brittany Packnett.

  6. State of the State House: Assessing the Results of 2018 Governors Races with Martin O'Malley

    Monday November 26 - 5:00pm

    Join Ash Center Senior Visiting Fellow and former Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley for a discussion on the results of the 2018 gubernatorial elections from across the country and what trends we might see in 2020. A pizza dinner will be provided. This discussion is cosponsored by the Taubman Center for State and Local Politics and the Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation.

  7. Election 2018 Debrief Lunch

    Wednesday November 7 - 12:00pm

    Join us the day after the election to talk about what happened, reflect on the outcome and discuss what the results might mean for the future.

  8. Securing Our Elections: Moscow to Main Street with Trey Grayson

    Monday November 5 - 12:00pm

    On the day before the historic 2018 midterm elections, join former Kentucky Secretary of State and IOP Director Trey Grayson and a panel of experts for this lunchtime conversation about election security and what we've learned since 2016.

  9. Ice Cream and Conversation with House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi

    Tuesday October 16 - 2:30pm

    With 27 days remaining to the mid-term elections, this will be an important opportunity to engage the Leader in a discussion on key races and the legislative agenda for the next Congress. 

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  10. Undergraduate Lunch: Obama’s West Wing Staff (LGBTQ, Muslim, and Foreign Policy Community Liaisons)

    Monday October 15 - 1:00pm

    Come have lunch in Lowell House and hear from three former Obama administration officials who have served in senior level positions working to connect the federal government with America’s diverse communities. The event will feature Gautam Raghavan, President Obama's LGBTQ community liaison and member of the Pentagon's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" working group, Rumana Ahmed, former senior advisor to the National Security Council and President Obama's Muslim American community liaison, as well as Aneesh Raman, President Obama's speechwriter and a former CNN foreign correspondent. This event is sponsored by the Harvard South Asian Americans in Public Service (SAAPS) initiative and the Institute of Politics’ Gender & Sexuality in Politics Series.

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  11. Decoding the Ballot Box: Do You Have Questions About Voting in the U.S.?

    Wednesday October 3 - 12:00pm

    Join us for a conversation about voting: whether you are a first-time voter, or have been voting for years, this is a conversation to answer all kinds of questions about voting, registration, and more. 

  12. Pancakes and Politics with the 2018 Institute of Politics Fellows Class

    Tuesday September 11 - 9:00am

    Join the IOP's 2018 Resident and Visiting Fellow's Class for a Conversation on Politics (with pancakes!)