Study Group with Deesha Dyer: From Imposter to Impact

Imposter syndrome is defined as feeling like you achieved something by luck, not talent. You feel like a ‘fraud’ that could be exposed at any moment, even if you earned every victory and accomplishment. 

Politics can be intimidating, and people often feel they have to be rooted in a specific issue, aligned with a certain candidate or connected to a list of noteworthy personalities in order to be welcomed and effective. We can’t deny that these elements do help, but those are not the only avenues to get inside the beltway.   

As we approach the 2020 election, the call to serve may be itching inside of you, but there may also be a voice of doubt questioning whether you can contribute something meaningful. You may look at those in prestigious positions and tell yourself there's no way you can ever get there, when you should be telling yourself the opposite. This study group will explore how to utilize your unique talents, skills and authenticity to be an effective public servant -- whether it be on a political campaign, government office, or community engagement space. We’ll discuss how to push through the obstacles and fear that naturally arise when you dive into an unfamiliar field or sector.  While the majority of discussion will focus on navigating politics and everything that comes with it, this group is for everyone who feels unqualified or unwelcomed for where they aspire to be.