HPU Summer Series Debate 1

On Wednesday, the Harvard Political Union is kick-starting our "Summer Series" programming with the first Cambridge Debate of the season. We will be hosting as many debates as possible throughout the course of the summer. Likely, we will be trading off serious topics and lighter topics, too. 

This week, we'll be taking on a very timely issue: Resolved: Due to Covid-19, nonviolent inmates should be released from US prisons. It's a divisive topic, but an important one. Former IOP President (and current HPU Exec member) Anna Duffy will be facing off against member Will Schrepferman. This is shaping up to be a great intellectual debate, so we hope to see you there.

Zoom Link: https://harvard.zoom.us/j/94382379743?pwd=SlV6RGQ3di9UekhaYWlreXRrLzBwUT09

As during the school year, the debate will take place on Wednesday (5/27) at 8pm ET. See you then!